The Four Friends

Once, there was a girl named Lydia. She had 3 best friends. They were called Liana the smart one, Sophie the kind one and Teresa the brave one. They all had beautiful voices. They lived together in a little cottage.

One day, they had a terrible fight. It started when Lydia found four crystals. She gave one to each of her friends. Lydia had a blue crystal, Sophie had a green one, Liana had a purple one and Teresa had an orange one. The crystals were magical but the friend did not know that. Lydia found the magical crystals at a nearby pond. The friends wore the crystals as bracelets.

The next day, Liana was about to eat her sandwich, but when she saw an old and starving woman, she gave her sandwich to her to eat.’

‘Here, eat my sandwich. I’m not very hungry.’

The woman said, ‘ Please, take one of my treasures.’ Liana took the mirror.

She went home and showed her friends.’It’s filthy’, said Teresa.When Liana wiped the filthiness away, she saw that the mirror was filled with golden gems, rubies and silver gems. Liana took it everywhere. When the friends sang, they heard a peculiar voice coming from the mirror. She saw a fairy trapped inside. She was called Heather. Heather was trapped inside because a half bull and half human had been chasing her. Before Heather was chased, she lived in a mansion. Every time a new song was made, a crystal was hung on a special wall in the mansion.The half bull and half human was called Zeus.


Heather wanted to go home but she couldn’t. Zeus had a serpent called Slyder. Slyder had a dragon and had a powerful horn that could hear low and high sounds. Heather told the friends what had happened. The friends were bolted from the blue from astonishment.The friends saw eye to eye with Heather. Heather was blithe! Sophie said ” We’ll start tomorrow” The friends had a deal.

The next day, the friends went off . Lydia held the mirror so that Heather could see where they were going. Heather told the friends to go in different directions. Fifteen minutes later, they reached Zeus’s den. They crept quietly. Zeus had a magical instrument that made whatever that heard it, follow his directions.

The crystals that the friends wore were magical and protected them. The crystals that the friends wore came from Heather’s mansion. Zeus saw the friends and blew his instrument. The friends didn’t listen to Zeus’s demands. Heather was shocked!

Heather said ” I escaped from going into the mirror but I wonder how you escaped?”

Zeus had a plan. His plan was to make the friends get divorced so they wouldn’t wear their bracelets anymore. They would listen to Zeus’s orders. Zeus would get the mirror and take over the mansion and the human world would be nothing but dark shadows.

When the friends were going back to their cottage, they didn’t have enough water to drink. They saw a house that was decorated in Christmas lights and was painted in yellow. They went to the house and knocked at the door.

Two kind women answered and said, ” Come in, we’ve been waiting for you.”

The friends were surprised.” No, you must be mistaken.” Said Teresa.

” No, the legend says that, if four best friends arrive, they will live here forever. Please. Everything is yours.”

But the friends didn’t know that those people were being controlled by Zeus’s instrument.

All the friends explored around the house. They  saw heaps of food. By the way, the friends all had  pets. Liana had a puppy called Sparkle because his eyes were sparkling like the stars at night, Lydia had a kitten called Cassie, Sophie had a bunny called Cutie because Cutie SO adorable and Teresa had a budgie called Sabrina. Anyway, all the pets were very loyal friends.

 Twenty minutes later, they all had a meeting of what they would do next. Liana was the eldest so she got to speak most of the time. Half of the friends wanted to stay while the other half wanted to continue helping Heather.The friends kept on arguing about what they should do next. About ten minutes later, they made a decision. The half who wanted to continue, would continue a week later. A week later, they held a celebration, bidding farewell to some of their friends. The friends were crying while they were going away. They didn’t want to be divorced, BUT they didn’t throw their bracelets away because it reminded them of the time they were together (singing,dancing and laughing).

My Toondoo About Feral Dogs

My class made toondoos about the council services (putting rubbish in the bin, rules for pets, roadworks and park maintenance ). I made one with my partner on

First of all, we clicked on Create Your Own in the pencil shape on the top right. We kept on trying to Login but it wouldn’t work, so our teacher gave us a new User-name and Password, then it worked.

When we logged in, we made one with 3 boxes. We went to triatR, and created a character. We had to choose a head, eyes, nose, facial hair, eye-wear, eyebrows, mouths, lips, body shapes, clothes and hair styles to create a character that suits you.

Next, you choose your background.Then you repeat what you did IF you choose the three boxes.

If you want to save it, click on the button that is on the top left that says My Toon and click on the save symbol. Give it a title and press the save button. If you want publish it press on the publish button. Click on on the Keep it Private if you want to see it or edit it.

How to tell the time

There are 2 types of clocks. They have special names. They are analog and digital.

The analog clock has numbers 1-12 and has 2 arrows called hands. One is shorter than the other.The longer hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand .

clock by Jenny

The digital clock has numbers 0-59.It automatically changes the number by itself. A digital clock needs batteries or electricity to work.

The numbers mean different things. For example, the number 1 means 5 minutes past and 2 means10 minutes past and so on.

There are 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day.

Katie the Dragon

Long ago there lived a elegant dragon called Katie, she had curly, brown, long hair. Her favourite thing to do in the whole, wide world was blowing, hot, burning fire. She lived in a damp, scary haunted house, it was also covered in shiny cobwebs, had dusty, old, antique furniture. Little did she know there was a cheeky ghost.

One day the ghost blew some pepper into Katie’s nose then …AH…AH…CHOOOO, Katie sneezed, she accidentally blew some fire , and burnt her kitchen and the forest surrounding it. All the animals’ home got burnt.

The animals complained about their homes,

one bird said ”I was going to lay some eggs when you blew the forest, now my baby birds died.”

Katie picked up her cell phone and called her friend Bloomy to help her rebuild the forest. Bloomy brought some seeds to replace the fruit, trees and grass so Bloomy came just in a flash she rebuild the forest. All the animals in the forest lived happily ever after.